Upgrade Anxiety

My web hosting service is about to upgrade from PHP version 4 to PHP version 5, which I was informed meant that the version of Wordpress I was running for my blog would get completely screwed up. So with great trepidation, I undertook the task of upgrading to the latest version of Wordpress, which is 2.1, codenamed "Ella".

I used MyPhpAdmin to back up content, accessed the server directly via FTP to back up file structure, code modifications and everything else I could locate on my server, de-activated all the plug-ins I've installed, downloaded the latest Wordpress package, deleted most of the files from my server, uploaded new files via FTP, replaced the modifications I'd made, ran the Wordpress upgrade module, re-activated the plug-ins, and...unbelievably, everything seems to work.

The truly amazing aspect of all this is...I have absolutely no idea what I did, and I doubt I could repeat the procedure. I'm just thankful my blog still works (assuming you're reading this and not staring at a blank page).