Top 10 Differences Between Lenses and Love

While searching for an article on one of my hard disks, I came across a long-forgotten folder submerged in the depths of the "organisation" system on my computer. Among the bits and pieces in the folder was this Top 10 list I barely remember writing.

Top 10 Differences Between Lenses and Love
10. You can sell a lens you don't want anymore
9. It's ok to swap lenses with a friend
8. You can always change your lens size
7. Lenses come with a warranty
6. You won't get into trouble for admiring someone else's lens
5. You can try a lens before buying it
4. You can keep more than one lens at home
3. Lenses like being kept in the dark
2. You can send a defective lens in for repairs
1. Lenses don't perform well when wet

I really must put my creative energy to more productive use.