Tokyo Tryst

davidThis blog post isn't nearly as titillating as the title might suggest. David Cheung, who owns and runs ScubaCam in Singapore, was in Tokyo today, and we managed to hook up and hang out.

This was David's first visit to Tokyo. Since the city is really big, with lots of different and unique areas, I asked David where he wanted to go. Of all the possible places...historically important cultural sites, chic shopping districts, world-renowned museums, Michelin-rated restaurants, etc...he asked to visit Akihabara.

For those of you who know David (aka, the mad scientist), this won't come as any surprise. Akihabara is the gadget capital of the universe. Maybe of other universes too. Everything from pocket calculators to spy cameras, radio-controlled stuff, periscopes, computer parts, software, GPS systems and so much more can be found in Akihabara.

It's been about 20 years since I last visited this part of town, so it took a while to get our bearings, but once we found gadget central and got into the thick of it, there was no stopping the man. No tool or toy was safe.

In the end, David walked away with a bag full of new precision tools with which to wreak havoc, and caught up in the passion of the moment, I even ended up buying a gadget I may never actually need or use.

Such is the nature of all trysts that the exhilaration was but momentary, as David is heading back to Singapore soon, and I'm left only with my gadget of dubious utility as a reminder of our brief, but pleasurable, time together.