Time to Look for Whales!

I’ve been land-bound for the past few days: making lots of trips to the airport to send friends off and greet new arrivals; dealing with a number of logistical issues; giving a short presentation on humpback whales last night; and just giving myself a bit of a break...I’m half-way through my two-month stay, so it’s good to take a few days off the water.

Fortunately, the calf count initiative has progressed even though I’ve been on land.

Friends have ID-ed three new babies during my dry spell, and re-sighted two that we previously recorded. As of now, we’re up to 22 ID-ed humpback whale mother/ calf pairs...still on course for a new high.

My friends Serene, May, Minako, Trevor, Geri and Maria are on their way home now. Nana, Sean, Dan, Kozy and Ray have arrived (I unfortunately lost one traveller due to last-minute visa issues)...so I’ll be hitting the water again from tomorrow. Can’t wait!

Wristwatch with humpback whale illustration
It's time to look for humpback whales again