10th Blog Birthday

Today marks 10 years since I started this blog.

humpback whale, south africa
Even humpback whales are celebrating! Or is that irritation? (License image)

Things have changed a lot in a short time.

Back then, Netscape and AOL were still officially things(!); Gmail was relatively new; Twitter was a baby; Facebook had just opened to the general public.

I was using a 12.8MP Canon 5D with a 1GB (woohoo!) CF card.

Eastman Kodak was still in business. 

It was the Dark Ages before the iPhone existed.

Whatsapp and Snapchat weren't even glimmers in anyone's eyes yet.

I still had hair.

During the intervening years, the concept of a personal blog caught on for a while, then pretty much fell flat. With the advent of easier options for creating a presence online, the hassle and effort involved with writing and posting complete sentences/ thoughts has become too much of a pain for most sane people.

I've kept at it, partly because I enjoy it, and partly perhaps because I'm a glutton for punishment. My blog also serves as a personal record, a diary of selected episodes, adventures, and people in my life. It's a surrogate memory, great for looking back, especially during year-end down time.

I've no idea how much longer I'll keep writing and posting, but thanks for reading, especially those of you who've subjected yourselves to multiple years of my rambling!