Stop Making Sense

And now, in Auckland, I've had a tiny tube of superglue (purchased inside Singapore airport) confiscated. Colgate toothpaste (also purchased at Singapore airport) was no problem though, unlike at the Tokyo airport.

Also on this most recent flight, we received full sets of silverware (including knives) at mealtime. Hmmm, just a few years ago, we weren't even allowed plastic knives, on the rationale that knives on planes are dangerous. I've had nail clippers confiscated on the same rationale. Now, knives are no problem it appears. Who knows what the current view on nail clippers is.

So now I'm allowed to brush my teeth and cut my food with a knife, but I won't be able to fix the inevitable small cracks and breaks in my stuff.

Perhaps someone somewhere somehow can make sense of these seemingly arbitrary rules, but it's beyond me.