Starhub Promotes Shark Fin

Awareness throughout Asia about the overfishing of sharks has increased significantly in recent years. It's encouraging to hear younger people talking about the issue in restaurants, and to see healthy debate in the media from time-to-time. However, many big companies still use shark fin to try to attract customers.

For instance, Starhub, one of Singapore's leading telecommunications, television and internet providers, recently sent out a promotional package which includes a seemingly contradictory message.

Sharkfin and Scuba PromoOn the one hand, there's a 15% discount voucher for shark fin, promoted with the tagline "A taste of Thai I can't resist."

But on the other hand, there's a 15% discount voucher for scuba diving courses, promoted with the tagline "I like my fish wild, not on a plate."

Perhaps this is naive, but it seems to me that corporate entities should lead the way in responsible behaviour, and at least refrain from promoting something that's so obviously detrimental to the world around us.

So Starhub — Which is it? Eat the sharks to oblivion, or swim with them?

Feel free to ask Starhub yourself via email.

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