While I was out shopping the other day (actually, more accurate would be...while I was out holding shopping bags and trying my best to look interested the other day), I was forced to spend time I visited a shop that had some sort of sale going on...some thing or another that originally cost Yen 1995 was selling at a special price of two for Yen 3150 (Can you tell how emotionally invested I was in the shopping process?).


Somewhat curious, but more concerned about devising a subtle but effective strategy for minimising my time holding said shopping bags, I didn't give it much thought...until a few minutes later, when I noticed another sign at a nearby retail establishment, whose oddly familiar name seemed to suggest a preference for keeping things quiet:


A bit of quick math and I understood why.

The second outlet (Hushush), offering discounts of 30% to 50%, was clearly undercutting the first outlet (Khush Khush), as the first outlet's two for Yen 3150 amounted to a measly 21% off.

Obviously, Hushush didn't want Khush Khush to catch on to its competitive advantage.

Mum's the word.