Red-Margin Shrimp Goby

I've been away from the Internet for almost three weeks. Just back from pursuing more photos of fish spawning aggregations in Palau, with friends at Unique Dive Expeditions/ Sam's Tours, and Nauticam. Lots of great experiences and pictures.

Palau was experiencing a severe drought when I first got there, but about mid-way through my stay, the rains finally came—a good thing for the islands, as we were down to a few hours of running water a day, with rivers and catchments drying rapidly.

The rain arrived at exactly the right time for me, just after spawning of one species, and just before the beginning of two more. Couldn't have scheduled it better! During the few days I took off from diving, I managed to edit a few photos from waaaaaay back when. It's no secret that I love taking photos, but hate editing them, so I have thousands and thousands of photos stored away. Someday, I'll get to them. Or so I keep telling myself.

Anyway, here's one, edited during a stormy afternoon. It's from back in the days when I spent a lot of time on macro photography. 

This is red-margin shrimp goby (Amblyeleotris rubrimarginatus) with its mouth open. The photo is from a 2008 trip to Papua New Guinea.

Amblyeleotris rubrimarginatus
Amblyeleotris rubrimarginatus with mouth open (License image)

Who knows? Maybe I'll make a habit of digging up old files to edit and post.

Nah, probably not.