Random Rhinopias

In the process of clearing my hard drives, backing things up, re-arranging filing systems and such before my upcoming trip, I came across this image of a bright-orange Rhinopias.


The fish only appears bright-orange because of the illumination from the artificial light of my strobes. In real life, the cleverly disguised scorpionfish blended in almost perfectly with the green seaweed surrounding it...no doubt explaining the somewhat befuddled expression on its face at having been spotted.

I took the photo on one of the reefs (I think it was End Bommie) near Loloata Island Resort a few years ago, after wrapping up an expedition aboard MV Golden Dawn.

I can never figure out which Rhinopias species is which, so I won't even attempt it. Let's just call this one a Rhinopias tangerine, because I like tangerines.