Puppy Play

puppyOn the way to dinner, I came across another adorable puppy, happily flopping around on the grass, obviously not yet in full control of all of its legs. On more than a few occasions, an energetic pounce didn't go precisely as planned, and the puppy ended up face-first, gangly limbs asunder, in the turf.

Undeterred, said puppy enthusiastically shook off each minor mishap, albeit with a slightly startled expression, and continued its brownian-motion-inspired hopping, skipping, jumping and bounding.

At one point, my cute little friend's random trajectory brought it directly in front of me, at which juncture it paused, cocked its head momentarily to one side as if in deep puppy contemplation, then took a leaf into its mouth just long enough for a single photo.

Then it was off with a quick bounce to explore the rest of the hillside. A puppy's work is truly never finished.