Seeing Green

One doesn't normally associate the colour green with the ocean, at least I don't. 

So it was with great pleasure that I spent time with some small fish chilling out in a large patch of brilliant-green seaweed.  First, a goby (Pterogobius elapoides), known as kinubari (キヌバリ) in Japanese:

Pterogobius elapoides
Pterogobius elapoides. D500, 60mm, custom Zillion housing, S2000 (License image)

And next, a hanajiro-gaji (ハナジロガジ), a blenny-like fish (Opisthocentrus tenui) found in depths ranging from one to 300m, give or take.

Opisthocentrus tenui
Opisthocentrus tenui. D500, 60mm, custom Zillion housing, S2000 (License image)

The brilliantly hued seaweed blooms in the spring and disappears by summer, all part of the natural rhythm of the ocean.