Humpback Whale Talk in Tokyo

Whew! I made it through the last of my series of talks about humpback whales (for the time being) yesterday, a two-hour presentation for 100 people in Tokyo.

humpback whale presentation, tokyo, tony wu
Set-up time before the talk

Since I've done similar talks in Beijing, Guangzhou and Hong Kong recently, you might think this one should've been a breeze.

Not really.

First, I used the New Year holiday period to add a bunch of stuff and expand upon existing materials, so I had a lot more to remember. I never have a script, just talk from memory (hence the obvious potential for screw-ups).

Second, and more importantly, I did the entire presentation in Japanese, even learned a bunch of new biology words for the occasion.

Carrying on a normal conversation in Japanese, where there's back-and-forth, pauses for thought, and opportunities to ask for clarification, isn't a problem.

Yakking for two hours straight, without any other voices involved that's taxing...worrying about making ridiculous grammatical errors, using words incorrectly, or just flubbing entire thoughts!

By the end of my presentation, I was exhausted. Totally crashed when I got home.

humpback whales tokyo, tony wu
Me blabbing in Japanese about a massive humpback whale heat run

Fortunately, there were a lot of friendly faces in the audience, and I think I managed to avoid any egregious errors.

Now it's time to lock-down itineraries, review logistics, clean and prep gear, and get myself ready for the next nine months of travel.

tony wu humpback whale presentation tokyo
Taking questions at the end of my presentation