Poor Little Fish

I just can't seem to get away from the hunting and eating theme.

During my first dive this morning, I heard my dive guide Nonsix shouting my name (in muffled underwater-speak), and turned to see that a lizardfish had just snagged a little puffer:

lizardfish eating pufferfish

The pufferfish, being understandably unhappy with the sudden turn of events, tried to escape. The little fish nearly broke free, but the hungry predator re-captured it in short order:

lizardfish eating pufferfish

It took a while, but the lizardfish managed to swallow its meal in the end, despite the fact that the pufferfish stayed inflated the entire time:

lizardfish eating pufferfish

Incidentally, a group of divers from the United States who are also here at Kasawari saw a flounder eat a mimic octopus this morning.

I wasn't anywhere near them, so it's not just stuff around me that's getting eaten!