Podcast: PixTips 0001

Together with FiNS Magazine, I'm starting a video blog called PixTips to cover topics related to underwater photography and video.

In this first episode, I provide an overview of how to take photos using a technology called sTTL, which allows you to simulate TTL photography underwater (provided you have the right set-up), and demonstrate the technique using a Nikon D200, Zillion housing and Inon strobes.

(Note: Something I realised I neglected to mention in the video...this isn't the only way you can shoot TTL underwater. If there's enough interest, I'll try to cover some of the other ways in another video.)

To watch the video, you can:

  • Click on the graphic below to view the video in your browser (You need quicktime installed and also need to wait for the file to download. A video screen will replace the "Q" when the video is ready.),
  • Right click to download an iPod version under the graphic below,
  • Or subscribe to my iTunes podcast.

[qt:/videos/2007/pixtips_0001_sttl.mov /videos/2007/pixtipsposter.jpg /videos/2007/pixtips_0001_sttl.mp4 320 196]

Bear with the video quality, as this was shot in less-than-ideal conditions:

  • High-end video camera: No
  • Controlled conditions: No
  • Controlled lighting: No
  • Good microphone: No
  • Prepared script: No
  • Professional editing software: No
  • Professional video editor: No
  • Sufficient rest: No
  • Smart-ass people in the background trying very hard to make me laugh: Yes

Despite the obvious handicaps, I hope the overall concepts are clear and easy to understand.

Links for more information about the gear mentioned in the video:
Aqua Forum (Japanese)
Aqua Forum (English)
Email Aqua Forum
Zillion (Japanese)
Inon (Japanese)
Inon (English)