PNG Screen Saver Revisited

I've been laid up with a slight fever for a couple of days. Not a big deal, but it means I've been languishing in a general fog pierced by the occasional moment of clarity. I hate feeling so not-in-control, so I decided to do something productive and figure out how to encode and post video in Flash format.

To date, I've preferred using Quicktime because of better output quality, but sometimes people have trouble viewing Quicktime files, especially PC users. Plus, I received a few emails from non-Mac users who were unhappy they couldn't view the PNG screen saver I made recently because it only works for Macs.

So, I still can't make screen savers for PCs, but here's a Flash video of the PNG screen saver. If you want the screen saver, you gotta get a Mac.


[flv: 480 320]