Piscine Pokemon?

Nonsix and I came across this odd-looking fish yesterday at TKI. I think it's a stonefish, but I'm not sure. It reminds me somewhat of a stylised Chinese stone lion, the kind guarding gates. It looks sort of like a grumpy little pokemon too.

It was quite active, hopping around a lot in a clumsy, comic manner, frowning all the while.

I've never seen this fish before, and Nonsix has only seen it once before, so it can't be all too common. Any fish aficionados out there have an ID for this critter?

Whatever it is, I love everything about it.

odd fish

On a separate note, we had our first evening photography discussion last night with the photo workshop participants. Though it was just the first day of shooting, there were quite a few amazing images.

The best part of the evening for me was looking at the images everyone else had taken and discussing how the images were taken, what could have been done differently (or not), and gawking at some of the strange creatures other people had seen.

Many of the questions/ uncertainty seemed to center around effective lighting, so I'm thinking of doing a demonstration tonight using my three land strobes and a unlucky volunteer from the group.

The days here start at 05:30 for me and end at midnight or later, so I'm feeling the fatigue...but it's just so much fun!