Me At Work

I've received a number of emails recently, with text to the effect of: "Gee, you are so lucky. You seem to be having fun all the time."

Granted, I most certainly enjoy what I do, but I don't want anyone to be under the mis-impression that it's all fun and games.

Please allow me to set the record straight, with a few photos from my present situation to illustrate my plight.

Here is my current office:

Mounu Island Resort, Tonga
Front view of my office looks like paradise. But every day, I have to trudge back and forth through seemingly endless white sand, getting it between my toes and all over my gear. If I had more hair, I have no doubt that the ubiquitous white sand would completely permeate my hair as well...causing me even more irritation.

And that's not all I have to put up with. Just take a look at my reception area:

White sand, shallow waters, Mounu Island Resort in Tonga
Only basic furnishings in my reception area

Absolutely no furniture or fixtures. Just sand, sand and more white sand, with a few sand dollars and the occasional butterflyfish flitting by. Sheesh.

Even worse, when I want to have meetings, I have to put up with the most basic of facilities.

Check this out: My conference room has no oval table, speaker phone, white board, laser pointer...not even a decent WiFi signal.

I mean...How can I be expected to conduct a high-powered meeting or form a half-serious steering committee without all that stuff?


Beach chairs on white sand, Mounu Island Resort, Tonga
My conference facilities. No WiFi I'm afraid.

Now that you have a better understanding of the trials and tribulations I have to endure, I hope you'll also have a better appreciation for how hard I work.