Photo Workshop in the Lembeh Strait

AdventurerThe Lembeh Strait is probably the most famous critter/ muck diving spot in the world. I've been to many other places with great muck diving, but Lembeh produces some of the most consistent results in some of the most comfortable diving conditions.

I'm scheduled to visit Lembeh again later this year. I'll be holding a photo workshop on the new Archipelago Adventurer I liveaboard (from 24-28 March), which is a boutique liveaboard that specialises in cruising only the Lembeh Strait.

The Strait isn't that big, so you might ask why you'd want to get on a liveaboard. I certainly did when I first heard about the Adventurer I.

The typical resort-based dive schedule is to have dive boats head out at fixed times to relatively nearby dive sites, which means that you need to set your personal schedule to fit that of the boat and everyone else on your boat, and you're probably going to be hitting the nearest dive sites more than those that are a bit farther from wherever you're staying. In addition, sometimes there are disagreements among people assigned to dive boats about which dive site to visit (...we've all been assigned to the boat with the "diver from hell" on it).

The Adventurer I takes a maximum of 8 people, which means small numbers. There's no fixed schedule, so you can pretty much decide when you want to get in. The liveaboard can easily take you close to your next planned dive site, or the dinghies can ferry you around, even if other passengers want to dive someplace else.

The bottom line is that you have almost complete freedom to dive when, where and how you want.

This is ideal people who want to concentrate on photo subjects without being interrupted by dozens of other divers.

From 24-28 March, I'll be on board the Adventurer I taking photos for myself, but I'll also be happy to help with camera equipment, photo techniques, photoshop questions, marine life questions, etc. for anyone else who's on the boat.

This is not a paid workshop (i.e., I'm not charging anything), but I will be more than happy to provide hands-on help and suggestions.

I'm planning on doing some early morning and late night dives in places that boats from resorts can't reach, which should provide some good chances for getting unique images.

See Archipelago's website for more information on the Adventurer I, and my blog post and flickr gallery from a recent trip to Lembeh and North Sulawesi for more information about the area.

Book directly with Archipelago or contact Nemo Travel in Singapore for help.

Finally, let me know if you decide to join me on the boat!