Off to Papua New Guinea

meThis is a photograph of me taking a photograph of me with silly goggles on. Actually, the goggles aren't so silly. They're rather practical for the fishermen who use them. It's more me who looks silly with them on, so perhaps the adjective "silly" is more applicable to me than the goggles.

The point of posting this image is to illustrate that despite the long, arduous journeys, equipment hassles, tussles with airlines, "interviews" with customs officials, etc., there's always time to have a little fun. This photo is from my recent trip to Sabah, when we ducked into a coffee shop for a much-needed caffeine infusion, and also to escape the heat and take a quick break.

sleepingOf course, travelling can also be quite exhausting. One of my travelling companions on the trip to Sabah took this photograph (one of a half dozen or so other photographs he took of me in less-than-elegant poses) on the way back from the trip.

Clearly, the psychological stress of enduring extended exposure to my immature companions took its toll on me, and I had no option but to collapse in relief once I was safely on the plane back...which to a large extent explains why I'm travelling alone to PNG today.

Despite the disadvantage of being unable to go to the toilet without dragging all my bags with me, it will, no doubt, be a less taxing journey 😊

So I'm off to the airport again, heading for the MV Golden Dawn. I will not have access to good internet lines, if any at all, so please don't send any large attachments. It's difficult to describe the intense frustration and rage of sitting for hours trying to download a single email with a multi-MB press release or photo attached.