Off to Lembeh

hairy crabI'm off to Kasawari Lembeh Resort for an informal photography workshop and shootout organised by David and Sanah at Scubacam. Aey and Mean from FiNS Magazine will also be joining, so it'll be a party all around.

I travelled for most of 2008, so I took a bit of a break over the year-end and the first couple months of this year to catch up on rest, devote time to ever-important paperwork (@#%#@$*%#!$!!!!) and just try to have some semblance of a normal life (it didn't work).

I'm glad I took the much-needed rest, but I'm equally happy to get back to doing what I love most...diving and taking photos. From now until the end of the year, I'll pretty much be flat out, going from one place to the next.

The Lembeh Strait is, of course, world-famous for critters. The unique environment seems to foster all manner of weird and alien-like creature, with plenty of opportunities to observe marine-life behaviour too.

mantis shrimpIn a sense, it's the perfect location to conduct a photo workshop and shootout, since the diving conditions are relatively easy, and the critters plentiful.

I'll be reaching the resort in advance of everyone else, as I need the extra time to get re-acquainted with my I don't totally embarrass myself in front of everyone else.

Oh...that reminds everyone who's joining the trip...I'm looking forward to meeting you, and please accept my apologies in advance for anything silly I may say or do.

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