Podcast: A Very Selfish Octopus

With all the travelling and general chaos of life, it took me a while to put together another animated slideshow/ podcast from my recent trip to the Lembeh Strait.

This one is about an octopus I came across early one morning, when a few dive guides and I went exploring relatively undived areas. Four of us spent 50 minutes seeing absolutely nothing. In fact, two of the guides were already sitting back on the boat by the time I got back around the 50-minute mark.

[qt:/videos/2007/selfishoctopusweb.mp4 /videos/2007/selfishoctopusposter.jpg /videos/2007/selfishoctopusipod.m4v 480 376]

Then, the guide I was with, Lembeh Strait veteran Wilson, spotted an octopus in a bottle. Anyone who's been to Lembeh knows that octopuses in bottles are really common, so normally, I probably would've passed this one by. But after 50 minutes of zippo, I stopped for a look. And a good thing I did.

I then spent the next 50 minutes being entertained by this rather pugnacious cephalopod, who actually reached out, grabbed my dome port and tried to push me away.

I'm not an easily offended person, but this was just downright rude! Anyway, as it turned out, the octopus had a perfectly logical and rational reason for being unsociable.

Click on the video above to find out why the octopus was being so grumpy (it might take some time for your browser to download and play the file), or subscribe to my podcast via iTunes here to download the file for your iPod and automatically get updated whenever I put one of these together. Enjoy!