Off Again

It seems like only last week that I got back from my last trip (oh was only last week).

Getting unpacked and re-organised has been a logistical nightmare. With only a few days to get everything done, I need everyone else I deal with to be efficient...but alas, the world doesn't work that I'm certain that a significant proportion of my "to do" list will end up being a "to do when I get back" list (as well as others that are fated to be on my ever-growing "never actually got done" list).

I'm not complaining though, as I'm heading to one of my favourite dive destinations...the Lembeh Strait. I'll be taking part in The Night Safari, organised by my friends David and Sanah at Scubacam.

cuttlefish at night

In case it's not obvious from the name of the trip/ event, we'll be diving mostly at night. We'll be staying at Kasawari Lembeh Resort, and the entire resort is switching over to a night schedule. Hopefully, many of the critters of Lembeh will be kind enough to do the same and keep us entertained with amazing sights through the wee hours of each evening.

Diving through the night will pose some challenges. First, since we're doing three dives a night, we'll have to adjust time to speak...and be active through the night and rest during the day.

Second, we need lots of light, so I'm packing a few torches as backup (as if my equipment weren't heavy enough already).

And finally, even though we'll be in the tropics, I have no doubt that it'll be chilly in between if you're one of the somewhat deranged lucky people joining this adventure, make sure to bring warm clothes!

I'm also excited because I'll have a chance to hook up with many friends and acquaintances at various times before and after The Night Safari, including a couple of friends from Thailand, Nagamatsu-san from Aquaforum in Japan, Aey and Mean from FiNS Magazine, Eric from Wetpixel, Edward and Jacqueline of Nauticam, and Ryan from Reef Photo.

It's going to be an action-packed, eventful few weeks!