Napoleon Wrasse at Blue Corner

Here are a couple more pictures from my recent visit to Palau, these from two encounters on consecutive days with Napoleon wrasse (Cheilinus undulatus) at the world-famous Blue Corner dive site.

Napoleon wrasse at Blue Corner in Palau
Inquisitive Napoleon wrasse at Blue Corner in Palau

If you have a chance to dive at Blue Corner, chances are good that at least one of these charismatic fish will approach, and possibly even sneak up on you.

It's not unusual to see divers swimming happily along, oblivious to the big, fat Napoleon wrasse cruising above, peering down on said clueless divers, while other bemused divers watch the fish watch the divers.

See why Blue Corner is famous?

And true to their namesake, these fish can sometimes cop an attitude, scrutinizing hapless bubble-blowing tourists like me with considerable disdain:

Napoleon wrasse at Blue Corner dive site, Palau.
Napoleon wrasse looking down on me. Sheesh.