Me at Work

meTakaji took this photo of me in Swallows Cave. It was a sunny day, and the people on our boats were snorkelling in and around the cave.

At one point, I dived down to the bottom, around 20 metres or so, to take a look around and check out the photo angles. I was hoping that someone else would dive down with me so I would have a model to shoot.

As it turned out, I became the model. I hadn't noticed that Takaji dived down as I started to head for the surface, which is a good thing, as I probably would've been too self-conscious to strike such a natural pose had I known he was taking photos of me.

For anyone who's been here before, the large schools of fish that used to hang out here disappeared last year. It's unfortunate, as they made for quite a spectacle, especially on sunny days like this one. No one seems to know what happened to the thousands of fish the lived here before.