Lubricogobius exiguus Staring Contest

This is what happens when one finds oneself engaged in a staring contest with a yellow pygmy goby (Lubricogobius exiguus):

Lubricogobius exiguus
Lubricogobius exiguus, D800, 105mm, Nauticam + SMC, RGBlue System01-3 lights (License image)

Dazzling sparkly green eyes set against the fish’s brilliant yellow-tinged-with-orange body certainly make for a mesmerising, somewhat intimidating sight—an unfair advantage in an inter-species test of visual wills one might argue.

I’d like to say that I came out the victor in this Herculean tussle with my 2cm gilled nemesis, but in truth, my opponent grew tired of me, yawned to underscore its boredom, and left me sitting alone in the sand at four atmospheres of ambient pressure.

yellow pygmy goby
"You bore me," said the little goby to the loser human (License image)