Lembeh Strait Photography Trip

lizardfishAdvance notice: I'm planning a trip to the Lembeh Strait in March 2009, in conjunction with ScubaCam in Singapore and Aquaforum in Japan. It won't be a formal photography seminar per se (i.e., no classes, scheduled lectures, etc.), but if you join the trip and have questions, I'll be more than happy to do what I can to help.

I'll be staying at Kasawari Lembeh Resort, which I've visited a couple of times already. The resort is small, exclusive, really comfortable, and 100% geared for photography and videography.

This trip is ideal for people who have a housed SLR and have reasonable experience with underwater photography. Lembeh is an excellent photographic destination, and the focus of the trip will be to go out, get photos and learn from hands-on experience and discussion, not to spend time learning basic concepts.

Tentative dates are 13-21 March, subject to all sorts of unpredictable things.

If this sounds interesting, please contact either ScubaCam or Aquaforum for more details.

Note: Just heard from David at ScubaCam. He'll be sponsoring a number of prizes for best shots taken during the trip, including an Inon strobe, some macro lenses and a few other goodies. (Hey David, am I allowed to compete for the strobe?)