Leaving for Tonga

Pasta is really sick, and I need to leave for Tonga tomorrow...reluctantly.

While I was away, she had a sudden total system collapse, basically a complete loss of body function. Blood tests showed elevated white cell count and high creatinine (among other things), suggesting kidney failure (among other things). The doctor didn't give her too long. In fact, I didn't think she'd make it until I got back...but thankfully she hung on.

Since getting back this weekend, I've been with her nearly 24/7. She wouldn't eat anything in the few days leading up to when I got back, but we've been able to get her to eat a bit, and even walk for a few metres (with some help). Still, the prognosis is anything but good.

I face the prospect of saying goodbye...probably for good...in less than 24 hours. It'll be a while before I can write any more about Pasta. Putting thoughts into black-and-white makes things all too real, and much too painful.

Thank you to everyone who's sent emails and other messages. I deeply appreciate the support.