How to be Mean

When I was last in Bangkok, I spent a late night working with
some friends in the Waterworld Bangkok office. Khun Ladawan had tonnes of food on hand, so we stuffed ourselves as the evening went on, and serious work soon gave way to joking around, insulting one another, and much less serious, but equally important work.

aeyFor instance, two of the people who were present were two of the Fabulous Five responsible for the [tag]Pocket Divesite[/tag] guidebooks — Aey and Mean.

At one point, when the dishes piled up, Mean ordered Aey to go clean up. So here's Aey being a good boy, and looking like he's enjoying every second. Hey, someone had to do it, and better Aey than me 😊

So then, to be fair, I made Mean do some equally challenging work, though much more fun and meaningful no doubt. See — I was still trying to create a nice design for the header of this blog, and I was completely stuck.

So Mean, being the master designer that she (believes she) is, took one look at my design, smiled and loudly proclaimed, "That looks so old.". Actually, what she meant was "You're so old." Mean was just being..."mean".

Of course, I took it quite personally and sulked. Then I challenged her to do better, at which point she confidently proclaimed it would only take her 15 minutes, and forcefully shoved me out of the way, took my seat and started working. a mere 3.5 hours later, after struggling to learn how to use my laptop computer (and particularly struggling with Photoshop!), she finally finished. The header of my blog now is all Mean's fault design.

What was even funnier is the repertoire of sounds Mean makes while she's working. I really can't do it justice in words, so next time I go to [tag]Bangkok[/tag], I'm taking along a tape recorder so I can create a podcast of her squeaks, squeals, eeks, ahs, oops,'s really quite amazing how much she can say without every uttering a single real word.