Headed to Hong Kong

I'm headed to Hong Kong soon to stuff my face with dim sum give a couple of talks at the DRT Show.

sperm whale calf playing
Baby sperm whale, relishing life (License image)

Since I committed publicly in my last post to preparing a two-part talk, I've been hard at work figuring out how exactly to do that. A clear case of speak first, figure-it-out later.

I'm still polishing up the edges of my presentations, but I'm happy to report that I've come up with (what seems to me) a logical flow for the two-part talk, which I'm calling Megaptera vs. Physeter (evidence for all parents of the permanent brain damage that can result from watching too many Godzilla movies when you're a kid.)

On Saturday at 4:10pm, I'll describe three key aspects of humpback whale life; and on Sunday at 4:00pm, I'll do the same for sperm whales, and then spend five minutes or so wrapping up the two halves of my talk by comparing/ contrasting the two species. My goal is that if you listen to both talks, you'll walk away with a decent understanding of these majestic marine mammals, how they live their lives, and some of the challenges they face.

I won't be talking much about photography per se, as there will be plenty of time for that afterward, and I promise not to biology-geek-out too much.

Lots of photos (many of which I've only just edited) and interesting stories. That's the idea.

See you there.