Happy Alex

alexIf you read my posts from Tonga earlier this year, you might remember the abandoned golden retriever that I adopted and eventually found a home for. The dog's name is Alex, and previously belonged to a couple who run Beluga Divers. They abandoned the dog and left it for dead.

I just received a photo of Alex with his new owners Tim and Theresa, who've recently opened the Reef Resort Vava'u. According to Tim:

"He has settled in very well here and now sees it [the resort] as his territory, seeing off stray dogs and strangers. He learned very quickly that he is not allowed in the restaurant, so he lays outside whichever door is nearest to where people are sitting. He has a healthy appetite but never begs. He has Weetbix and milk for breakfast and proper dog food for dinner, plus a lot of bones from the restaurant kitchen. He doesn't like tinned fish - can't understand why!!"

Alex has come a long way from near starvation to living a pampered resort life, thanks to Tim and Theresa, plus all the great people who helped find Alex a new home.