Heading to Palau

After a few weeks of R&R without travel (well, almost no travel), I’m hitting the road again.

Off to Palau to have another go at spawning aggregations, starting with bumphead parrotfish (Bolbometopon muricatum):


bumphead parrotfish spawning aggregation in palau, tony wu
Bumphead parrotfish getting ready to go off like fireworks


And also twin-spot red snappers (Lutjanus bohar):


lutjanus bohar spawning aggregation in palau, tony wu
The pandemonium of spectacularly synchronised snapper spawning


If you want to read more about these amazing spectacles, check out my previous posts linked below.

Bumphead Parrotfish Spawning Aggregation in Palau

Lutjanus bohar Two-spot Red Snapper Spawning Aggregation in Palau

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I’m also heading back to Palau next April for more spawning fun. Here’s the trip summary if you might be interested in joining the fun.

Time to finish packing...