Five Years Old

Today marks five years since I posted my first entry to this blog. Time certainly flies.

I’m not sure exactly why I started this site, or what I hoped to achieve, but in hindsight, I’m happy that I struggled through my initial ignorance of most things web-related and persevered through the times when I thought: “Why bother?”.

From time-to-time, I look back at the thoughts I’ve written and media I’ve posted. I re-live the good times, have occasion to contemplate lessons learned from difficult times, and of course, take pause to be thankful for how fortunate I am.

Perhaps the biggest benefit to accrue from the time and effort I’ve invested in this site is the friends I’ve made and friends with whom I’ve re-established communication. Many of the people I first met online have since become close friends...people I look forward to seeing, sharing adventures with, or even just receiving an email from.

Right now, for instance, I’m sitting on a boat in Papua New Guinea, preparing to post the photo below of two such friends...Julian from the UK and Jenny from Taiwan. Believe it or not, I didn’t need to coax them into posing like silly tourists when we were at Gona Balu Balu in Milne Bay. It just happened.

Divers and a giant clam
Jenny, Julian, and a giant clam in Milne Bay, PNG

The way I look at have to be really good friends to act like hams with a clam. Especially when I have a camera to capture evidence for posterity!’s to five fantastic fun-and-friend-filled years...and hopefully many more to come.