A Valuable Lesson

I suppose this comes as no surprise, but my first day of diving in Lembeh was terrific. Nudibranchs, octopuses, frogfish, Rhinopias...a nice sampling of the fascinating critters that have made this area world-renowned.

Among the encounters I had today, one in particular stands out.

This is picture of a female hairy frogfish (Antennarius striatus). When I took this photo, she was clearly hungry, as she unfolded her worm-like lure and started wiggling it around, fishing for a meal...as frogfish do.


This is a picture of the same female hairy frogfish just moments later. In front of her is a smaller, darker hairy frogfish...a male. Given their proximity, the male may have been a suitor hoping to mate with the female.


There was, however, just one minor problem with his plan.

Seconds after I took this photo, the female ate the little guy. Seriously.

Gulp. Swallow. Burp. In the blink of an eye...without the slightest hint of guilt or remorse.

Guys...surely there's a valuable lesson here for us.

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