New Blog Design

redesign conceptOne of the goals I set for 2009 was to give my blog a makeover.

I started this online journal in the middle of 2006, and I thought it was about time to give it a new look, particularly after updating my primary portfolio website last year.

Richard Powell of Samedis Design helped me out, translating my rambling emails and amateurish mock-ups into a beautiful, professional design.

With the wonders of e-communication, I was able to work with Richard, who lives on the opposite side of the world from me, to get the new design up-and-running before I head out to Lembeh. Thanks Richard!

There are a few odds and ends that still need to be tidied up, but the new site is here, and I'm looking forward to posting from my upcoming trip in Lembeh.

Besides the new look, the updated layout gives me the ability to keep certain posts up at the top as Featured Posts for a while. Below the featured section are my latest mini-blog posts from Twitter, followed by other blog posts in the traditional reverse-chronological order. On the right side of the layout are images from Flickr, and a box highlighting a recent video.

Navigation around the site should be easier now, with the menu structure in the header. Also, I've split up the RSS feeds, so you can choose to follow everything, or just some stuff (or even nothing at all).

The one thing the new layout can't improve, unfortunately, is the quality of my writing. Richard's talent only goes so far.

Take a look around, and please be patient while I get accustomed to working with this new format.