Ambon Bound

luggageI'm off to Ambon in Indonesia, specifically to visit Maluku Divers/ Ambon Dive Center. This is my first trip to this destination. I sort of know what to expect, but then again, I know that there will be many unanticipated events and experiences along the way...which is part of the fun of travel and exploration.

I've packed as economically as possible, whittling my gear down to two small hard cases, a soft bag for clothes, and a backpack for my cameras and lenses. All told, I think I'll get by with about 45kg of check-in gear, perhaps a bit more.

I probably won't have access to the internet while I'm away, so expect me to be quiet for a while. Hopefully, I'll have a lot to say when I get back!

In case anyone's interested, below is a list of some of what I'm taking with me (I still can't believe I fit everything into the small cases). I have two flight transfers on the way there, so I hope everything makes it.

Canon 5D x 2
Canon 40D
Sony T700
Sony SR11
Plus attendant chargers and spare batteries

15mm fisheye x 2
50mm Sigma macro
100mm macro x 2
100-400mm zoom
17-40mm zoom
28-70mm zoom
10-17mm Tokina zoom
Teleconverters, Extension tubes

Zillion 5D x 2
Plus handles, screws, eyepieces, etc.

180mm Pro One dome port
Subal 8-inch dome port
Nexus macro port
Inon 100mm macro port plus extensions
Pro One 100mm macro port (new port, testing it out)
Zillion port extensions

Inon Z220 x 4
6 Fiber optic cables
Canon 420EX
AA batteries x 32
AA chargers x 2

ULCS long arms x 4
ULCS short arms x 4
Clamps x lots

500GB disk
80GB disk
60GB disk
80GB iPod

+ many more odds and ends