Selling Shark Fin is one of the most successful internet companies in existence, and is supposedly quite a progressive company. It's amazing to find that Amazon is facilitating the sale of shark fin on its website, via third party Pacific Rim Gourmet, which is also a US company.

The practice of finning sharks is illegal in US waters, so by selling shark fins, Amazon is condoning an illegal practice. The international dive community has taken note of this over the holidays, and people all over the world are sending feedback to Amazon.

If you'd like to add your voice, you can emails Amazon's Customer Service and Investor Relations departments at [email protected] and [email protected]. You can also add your feedback directly on the product page.

Pacific Rim Gourmet's email address is [email protected].

Note: Several hours after putting up this blog post, the shark fin product was removed by Thanks Amazon for listening to your customers!

Another Note: Divester reports that shark fin is still being sold on Amazon through another company, American Roland Corp. Let Amazon know your thoughts.

Final Note: Amazon has pulled all shark fin products from its site.