Airport Relief

Changi Budget TerminalSpending as much time as I do in airports, it's always a relief to pass through the airport in Singapore. As many frequent flyers would probably agree, Changi airport is probably the best in the world — big, easy to navigate, plenty of food, ATMs available everywhere, Wifi available, taxis easy to get, etc.

Having flown budget airlines in neighboring countries before (with less-than-pleasant experiences), I was loathe to fly on another budget airline again. I recently found myself without a choice, however, and ended up at the new Budget Terminal at Changi.

What a pleasant surprise! The terminal doesn't look like much from the outside, but it's plenty big inside. In fact, there was so much space that I felt more comfortable than in the main terminals.

And to top it off, there's a Laptop Zone to hook up to the net. Ok, it's not Wifi access, but there are LAN cables and power sockets. Plus, when I was there, no one else was using the LAN connections, so I had it all to myself — lots of space, fast why can't other airports get their acts together?